At Thetapi we can assist you in getting into the world of non-fungible tokens. NFTs represent a form of a blockchain-based digital ledger containing specific data like a piece of digital art, music, signature, or even a specific tweet that can be sold and traded. We are experienced in software development to supply businesses with state-of-the-art NFT solutions of any kind driving revenue and brand awareness.
Thetapi NFT Development services:
NFT asset design- Our World-class designers create unique 2D and 3D assets to be subsequently minted into tokens, bringing to life any idea in digital form. The asset can then be minted into an NFT and distributed in any convenient way.
Intellectual property tokenization- Our team with deep expertise in blockchain and NFTs assists businesses in creating non-fungible tokens with various types of intellectual property.
NFT Minting- At Thetapi we render NFT minting services, which means developing and launching a smart contract to create and publish a unique token on the blockchain with the data about the digital asset. The token proves the authenticity of the asset.
Smart contract development- Our smart contract developers build from scratch and modify existing scripts for utilizing crypto assets. Our smart contract development services allow for rapid, secure, and cost-effective automated management of crypto assets.
Migrating NFT’s- Our blockchain professionals create cross-chain bridges to transfer tokens from one blockchain to another if required. It’s essential to conduct a seamless migration between blockchains to secure the created assets during the process.
Cross-chain NFT platform development- At Thetapi, we build NFT platforms and marketplaces equipped with cross-chain capabilities such as blockchain network interoperability, cross-chain transactions, and multi-token wallet systems. They ensure efficient, secure, and seamless NFT exchange in different networks.