Virtual reality is a technology allowing us to transform real activities into a simulation and display it for users with the help of special hardware. Augmented reality technology enables topping objects in the real world with computer layers, which are digital objects.
Thetapi delivers AR/VR/MR app development services powering businesses, enterprises, and innovative start-ups with breakthrough digital products.
Thetapi’s AR/VR/MR development services
Virtual reality software development- We develop top-notch VR applications, industry-specific simulators, and visualizations for various platforms. Our company ensures in-depth immersion in the virtual world and helps our clients simulate various activities in any professional field.
Augmented reality app development- At Thetapi we build state-of-the-art marker-based and location-based AR applications for iOS, Android, and smart glasses leveraging GPS data, custom markers, and visual SLAM inputs.
Mixed reality software development- Our company assembled a team of professionals setting trends for the mixed reality market. We deliver turnkey MR solutions covering all stages of a project, from concept development to solution launch and support.
AR/VR developers- Our company offers teams of professional AR/VR developers. Our specialists participate in AR/VR projects of varying complexity and refine their skills in accordance with the development of technologies and market trends.
AR/VR Consulting- Our experts conduct thorough market research and devise revenue forecasts to give our customers a clear vision of technology and marketing prospects. We transform our customer’s ideas and requirements into specific product roadmaps.
3D design and modeling- We create individual 3D models for game development, NFT marketplaces, marketing purposes, etc. Our in-house highly professional 3D designers cooperate closely with other departments to render 3D data visualization services.
Support and maintenance- Our team provides multi-layer solution support of AR/VR solutions aligning them with technology advancements and specifics of your business. We help improve your services, optimize maintenance costs, and expand the application’s features.
VR/AR game development- We create custom VR/AR games with a top level of immersion for any platform. Our specialists leverage their considerable experience in the field of game development.